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Closer Bond at Mersing
Jun 14, 2016
On the 30th of March to 2nd of March we went to Mersing . We stayed at Sukalayar Resort, it was right next to the beach and we had such an amazing tim...
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Bring The Science Lab To Penyabong
Jun 13, 2016
After a week and a half of exhausting end-of-year exams accompanied by late nights, anguish and eventually relief, us Y12s were given a welcome break...
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Novel Knockout!
May 13, 2016
On Wednesday the 11th of May 2016, Nexus International School, Putrajaya entered two teams into the Novel Knockout Competition.

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Through the Looking Glass of an Early Years Class
May 13, 2016
It was a school day like any other – just another regular Thursday – but for Early Years, it was a special day – a trip to Farm in the City! We were c...
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Young Performers Concert
May 13, 2016
Congratulations to all of learners who took part, you all played fantastically well and did yourselves and Nexus proud!
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Carnival Winners!
Apr 29, 2016
These students, were competing against each other, in order to be the stall raising the most money for the Myanmar learners!

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Nexus presents Grease The Musical!
Jan 8, 2016
Rydell High is coming to Nexus International School! Be ready to be entertained with some of the memorable tunes from this hit movie!
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How Much Technology is Too Much?
Oct 28, 2015
Some of us may remember a time before digital technology became pervasive, but our children probably don’t.
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Shooting Beyond The Stars
Sep 8, 2015
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Reforestation and Conservation Project
Sep 7, 2015
After the horrible haze blighted us for several months, Year 3 Learners at Nexus International School wanted to see if they co...
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