Year 4 Virtual Class Trip for IPC unit Explorers and Adventures

May 15, 2020
What do we want?
School Trip!
When do we want it?

Innovation is at the heart of the Nexus Way for both learners and teachers. It is an integral part of how we teach and learn at Nexus International School Malaysia. It is one of many elements of teaching and learning that sets Nexus apart from other international schools.

If we weren’t on lockdown we would be going on an exciting field trip this term as part of our IPC unit Explorers and Adventurers. But we decided not to let the lockdown slow our learning down in any way, shape or form!

We wanted to go on a trip, so we did! The Year 4s packed their masks, goggles and diving gear and headed down to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! We learned some interesting facts and explored the beautiful but endangered environment. Some of us were lucky enough to see giant turtles and even sharks!

Hopefully, we can go on another exciting trip soon!"

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